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e gloom of these forests and ●converted a wilderness of tr●ees into fields of corn? Whose indu●strious hand first threw into th


e n■atural desert the seeds of plenty a●nd prosperity? "'The answer is—Mr. Philemon ■Wright. Through hardships, priv●ations, and dangers that would have appalle■d an ordinary mind, he penetrat●ed an almost inaccessible country, an■d where he found desolation and solitude he i■ntroduced civilizatio

n and the usef■ul arts, and by his almost unaided skill and ●indefatigable

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industry the savag■e paths of a dreary wilderness ha■ve been changed into the cheerful haunts of me●n. The gloomy upland fores


ts have given way to s●miling corn-fields. The wet and wild s■avannas, sinking under stunted sp■ruce and cedar, have been cleared an■d drained into luxuriant meadows. Th■e perilous water-fall, whose ●hoarse noise was once the frightful vo■ice of an awful solitude, is rende●red obedient to the laws of art■, and now converts the majestic t■enants of the forest into the habit■ations of man and grinds his food. The ●rivers and lakes, once fruitful in vain, now■ breed their living produce for th●e use of human beings, and with deep, rapid cur■rent transport on their smooth ■glassy surface the fruits of his i●ndustry. The deep recesses o

f the earth are● made to expose their mineral treasures f■rom the birthday of time concealed. "'In s●hort, the judicious and persevering indu■stry of one successful adventurer has conv■erted all the rude vantages of primeval natur●e into the germs of agricultural, manu■facturing and commercial prosperity.' "I■t is true," she said, with great ent■husiasm. "They may well appreciate the gre●at work you have done." The tribute of ■praise seemed to make no impression on the■ Chief, who sat silent and mot■ionless, as though lost in t■hought. "Shall I read

to you, fathe●r, dear?" "You may if you l■ike," he said. "What would you

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like me to■ read?" she asked. "Read something t■hat Solomon has written," said the Chief, w■ho was a grand Arch Mason and Knight● of Malta, and who was not very familiar with■ the writings of Solomon or any of the ●writers of Scripture. Turning ov■er the leaves of her well-worn Bible, Chri■ssy read from the second chap■ter of Eccles


iastes the following words: ● "I made me great works; I builded me hou■ses; I planted me vineyards; I made me gardens■ and orchards, and I planted trees in t■hem of all kind of fruits; I made me pools ●of water, to water therewith the wood that bring●eth forth trees; I got me servants an■d maidens, ... also

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